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Namn på projektet: Svenska:larm 2020
Kontaktperson: Flocken Media
Kommun: Göteborg
Projekt ID: 222
Startdatum: 2020-02-27
Plats: Oslo, Göteborg & Uddevalla
Länka till ditt projekt.: https://www.facebook.com/events/229804888029798/



Feel free to translate!
The project was a cultural exchange between the Gothenburg area and Oslo held during the by:larm showcase music festival in Oslo. It consisted of 2 shows over 2 days in 2 venues with 11 artists. 5 from Norway and 6 from Vastra Gotaland. The artists met each other, saw each other's shows, chatted and got to know one another. The hope with the project was that these artists will become more familiar with one another and they can play on each other's shows in one another's countries in the future. Bringing more cross-collaboration between Oslo and Gothenburg.