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Namn på projektet: Sagor i Skogen
Kontaktperson: Elizabeth Wallingford
Kommun: Göteborg
Projekt ID: 847
Startdatum: 2022-10-16
Plats: Lilla Änggården
Länka till ditt projekt.: www.thebyra.com



In December 2022, I ran a storytelling event at the heritage site Lilla Änggården. This event is part of an ongoing project called Byrån för Glömda Saker, which explores children's agency in cultural heritage environments. The event was free to the public and around 30 people were in attendance, most families with small children. For the event, a large costume puppet called Skogs Väsen told a story about his life in the forest (read by actress Emilie Strandberg), during and after the event, folk musician Fredy Clue played the nickel harp. The event received positive feedback from visitors, and the heritage site was interested in running more similar events in the future.