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Namn på projektet: The intermediate between right and wrong
Kontaktperson: Léa Maja Thorsen
Kommun: Göteborg
Projekt ID: 860
Startdatum: 2022-11-17
Plats: Göteborg
Länka till ditt projekt.: https://fb.me/e/2wygPmKkq



The project "The Intermediate between Right and Wrong
- The safe space for culpability in psykological abuse"
Investigates Psychological violence and its consequences. Psychological violence is something that many are exposed to. Something very complex and difficult to research. The project is based on photography as a tool for passing on information and observation. The work's focus is on problematising perceptions, memories and incidents of events where psychological abuse has taken place. The work was exhibited through an online platform, where the work can be explored in a safe space for everyone. By spreading posters, flyers and coffin markers all over Gothenburg with a QR code linking you directly to the online platform the work seeks to make the work easily accessible in a democratic manner for all possible viewers. The goal of the project is to create focus on a major social problem and to open up for reflections and discussion about the borders between right and wrong in relation to psychological violence abuse. Many studies shows that psychological violence has the same consequences as other forms of physical violence yet it is still difficult to prove.

How do we judge between right and wrong?