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Namn på projektet: Warmer Than Gold konsertserie
Kontaktperson: Lewis Smith
Kommun: Göteborg
Projekt ID: 911
Startdatum: 2023-03-25
Plats: Gathenhielmska Huset
Länka till ditt projekt.: warmerthangold.se/events



In this project I arranged three concerts with internationally acclaimed singer-songwriters, as part of the launch of a new platform for acoustic, americana and folk music in Gothenburg. Participating artists included UK-based Clara Mann (on 25th March), France-based Flora Hibberd (on 26th May), and Norwegian artist Juni Habel (8th December). Each of these artists were performing in Sweden for the first time. The concerts were held at Gathenhielmska Huset, a unique 18th century building in Majorna. Prior to two of the concerts, we also filmed live sessions with the artists, recording with 4k cameras and professional audio equipment. One of these live sessions can be viewed on Youtube: https://youtu.be/MRAnYMQxxXI?si=rKgvTjFRCWmZrYRO

The events were well attended and we received very positive feedback from both artists and audiences. I hope to use this as a foundation to organise more events throughout 2024 and beyond, in different venues around the city.