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I was afraid to look closer! - Stefano Conti ställer ut i Göteborg

Fotografen och konstnären Stefano Conti presenterar “I was afraid to look closer!”. Utställningen består av fyrtio fotografier, tre videor, ett textarbete och en betongvägg och rör sig kring Stefanos senaste projekt där han utforskar egots omedvetna vägar…

Stefano har beviljats K-pengar och han är bokad som fotograf till Imagine Sweden i mars, men vi ville veta lite mer om honom och skickade några frågor.

Who is Stefano Conti?

I'm a visual artist who works mainly with photography. I was born in Italy, where I got my BFA degree in photography, but currently I'm in Göteborg to attend the MFA Photography at Valand Academy.

How did you get into photo and art? 

I guess I have to thank the Italian artistic heritage that surrounded me.

What happens on the 1st of March? 

I will have my first solo exhibition in Göteborg, an explosion of colors on the walls and on the floor of Monitor Gallery.

Do you have some piece of advice to share with our members who are interested in photo and art?

Be always curious, visit new places and artistic venues, talk to interesting people, challenge yourself and trust your own choices (honestly I'm still working on the last one...).

Where can we find you and follow your work?

On www.stefanoconti.info you can see something I made, new updates will be uploaded soon.

What do you dream of right now?

A big chocolate cake with written "Congratulations, making art is now your job!".

Vi säger: Lycka till i helgen, Stefano!

Fre 1 mars 16-19 VERNISSAGE
Lör 2nd March 12-16
Sön 3rd March 12-16
Mån 4th March 16-19

Galleri Monitor, Akademin Valand
(Ingång via Chalmersgatan 4)






Taggar: Konst, K-pengar