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Poesi: Clear water woman

Her lips taste like honey,
Her hair cascades down her back like
the ever changing wild rivers.
She steps delicately beside the decay
that is the harmed of humanity, the hurt and power hungry.

The moment is a precious instrument,
whose strings she plucks
to accompany the melody of the universe.

She whispers gently to the trees to guide her,
guide her to the wisest mountains,
the most disobedient laughing rivers,
the softest meadows.

There she finds flowers to braid into a crown.
Her body melds into the trees,
where she lets her being relax.
Relax into the beating soul of the world.

She sings her untethered melody as
the most beautiful words fall and decay into the forest
just as the rain falls upon the moss.

Her bare feet planted solidly upon the tender grass.
Barely audibly she whispers poetry to the universe
and in turn the universe takes her into a soft forever embrace.

Taggar: Poesi