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Månadens poet: Kristina Svensson

Body Talk

I kiss your face

Boyish like mine,
it makes me smile the kind of smile
that begins, carefully
like a warm glow in my stomach
before it grows to embers in my chest
and breathes that glow
out to you

We are the same
I feel it.

Though I know your chest is flat
and mine is not
and you never had to fight for those
boyish looks

We are the same,
I feel it
and for a precious moment
my breasts weigh nothing
as I forget them

We’re just warm and beating
human beings
Two animals nesting,
two people,
two boys

For once my body is silent

and doesn’t speak for me

You do.
With a smile and a laugh

“It’s so cute when girls wear boxers.”

And my body whispers,
shifts and flickers,
shapes itself into

Beautiful, pretty
sensual feminine hourglass
smooth caress

I can’t hear myself
and my breasts are heavy
with the weight of those words

You sweet, dear

I just wanted to be.

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