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Namn på projektet: Not Your Habibi
Kontaktperson: Mamdouh Elmchad
Kommun: Göteborg
Projekt ID: 611
Startdatum: 2021-12-04
Plats: Jenin Grill Konsthall
Länka till ditt projekt.: instagram: @notyourhabibi.se



Not Your Habibi is a SWANA queer safe space founded with the main focus of celebrating the duality of our queer identities and cultural backgrounds.
We have collectively experienced the lack of representation in queer spaces in Sweden and the underwhelming opportunities presented to queer marginalized artists.
Our vision is to create a safe space as well as housing and honouring all creative expressions by queer artists from the SWANA region.
Not Your Habibi is open for all friends and allies and everyone that is interested in arts and culture.