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Poet of the month - Mavi Alhaj Hussain

Let us present the KulturUngdom poet of October, Mavi Alhaj Hussain. We asked Mavi a few question to get to know their artistic profile.

Hi, Mavi. Who are you?
Mavi Alhaj Hussain, a Multidisciplinary Artist from Syria, Aleppo based in Gothenburg.

What will we get to read about in your poems here at KulturUngdom?
As a poet, I transform my personal journey into an exploration of what it means to be a queer refugee in Sweden. I delve into the fragility and intricacies of human relationships, and want to offer readers an intimate look into the complexities of love, war trauma, and loss.

What does poetry and writing mean to you?
I believe in the significance of unfolding and navigating trauma, and I believe that writing is a way to do this. I aim to connect with young audiences that relate to my own journey. My work can be seen as an extended hand, offering representation and understanding to those who have walked similar paths, fostering a sense of community and shared resilience.

Can one read more texts by you, or see more of your work somewhere? 
Instagram: @mavi___blue

Taggar: Poesi